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Standing for full committee membership - 2019 committee elections

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We are seeking nominations from interested members of the Society who wish to serve on the committee.

Any society member is permitted by the Constitution to serve a maximum of two three year terms on the committee. To ensure continuity, not all places on the committee become available at once. There are three posts available for election in 2019. Members wishing to seek election to the committee need to be proposed and seconded by other Society members. If interested, please download and complete a nomination form here. The closing date for applications will be 31st March 2019. Each application must be accompanied by a 200 word resume which should include the nominee’s past achievements and their future ambitions for the Society, and must be emailed to

Online voting will take place during April and May 2019 via the website.

Completed nomination forms must be returned to the Society Administrator, Jane Heppenstall, at :

Mrs Jane Heppenstall
Vascular Anaesthesia Society
27 Glenwood Crescent
S35 1YU
United Kingdom


See below for an overview of roles of committee members to aid you in your decision-making.

Best wishes.

Yours sincerely


Dr Tim Wood
Honorary Secretary
Vascular Anaesthesia Society of Great Britain and Ireland


Roles of Committee members of VASGBI

  • Attend a minimum of 2/3rds of committee meetings during any three year tenure. This would equate to presence at a minimum of six meetings.
  • Attend all Annual Scientific meetings over three year period. Absence should only be in exceptional circumstances and agreed with the society Chairman.
  • All committee members should play an active role in committee activities. The Chairman, Hon Secretary and Treasurer have specific defined roles, as do the subcommittee chairs.  However, other duties (including responses to requests from outside the Society) which may fall outside the remit of these roles require consideration. It is a reasonable expectation that the workload from these additional duties generated on behalf of the VASGBI should be distributed evenly amongst the rest of the committee.
  • For further work “above and beyond” expected duties, other committee members should be prepared to assist as required. Such work should be agreed openly at committee meetings.
All work undertaken on behalf of the committee is non-remunerated; however certain expenses as agreed can be claimed.

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