Please note that the closing date for applying for VASGBI support has now passed.

National Clinical Excellence Awards 2019

Details on how to apply for support for your application from the VASGBI.

Please read carefully and take note that the closing date for applications to us is 17:00 on March 7th 2019 .

Dear Member

Support for Members applying for National Clinical Excellence Awards 2019

The Vascular Anaesthesia Society GBI, through its Clinical Excellence Awards Committee, endevour to support those of its consultant members in good standing when they apply for national Clinical Excellence Awards. 

Consultants from England are actively encouraged to nominate themselves.  However, they are more likely to be successful if supported by their Trust and national bodies such as the Society and the Royal Colleges. As a minimum, applicants from our speciality are normally expected to have 3 local points (CEAs/DPs) prior to consideration for a national award.  This information may help you make a decision as to whether you should apply. Note that if you are seeking support from your parent College, the different Royal Colleges have different deadlines for submission; you need to check with the relevant Royal College and ensure that you meet their deadlines. 

It is essential that you read the advice provided by ACCEA before preparing and submitting your form   There will be additional information on the Royal College website.  You need to submit the completed form online by the ACCEA deadline.

This year the process opened on Thursday 7th February 2019.  Those of you who wish the VASGBI to support your application should email your completed Form A (along with any supplementary forms) to Dr Tim Wood, Honorary Secretary VASGBI ( by 17:00 on March 7th 2019.  This will enable us to consider your application, organise and submit a  citation in good time for the 4th April deadline.

The number of candidates that the VASGBI can support depends on the number of consultant members in the society and the proportion that have awards.  An increased number of award holders may enable us to nominate a larger number of members for higher awards. Also, the VASGBI sieving committee will be composed of award holders and non award holders from the society, a lay member, and a senior award holder as chairman.

Remember, read the guidance, complete all sections, do not be too technical, try to emphasise your achievements and the work involved.

Dr Tim Wood
VASGBI committee